Context Propagation docs

I am having issues tracking down documentation or information on how to proceed with receiving context and passing it along.

In our system we have a workflow built in typescript and we have a java server that starts the workflow, in the java docs there is information on context propagation which we are using to set some context headers. Now in the typescript workflows i need to make sure that this context is moved along and read by the activities, which are also typescript.

I cant seem to figure out what part of the docs to view or any example code to go through for this. Basically i am hoping that someone here has an idea of how this works and where to look for information on getting it running.

You can pass the context via Temporal headers (not to be confused with HTTP headers).
Headers are mapping of name to Payload that’s embedded in the Temporal API request bodies and history events.
You can access those headers via interceptors.
Check the documentation and the opentelemetry module for reference.

Yeah i went through those docs and the open telemetry code and it still took me a while to understand what was going on and how it works. It would be nice if the doc pages for the interceptors had some more information and some better examples.

I have been running into a lot of gotchas which have been a mix of my understanding of how things work with how i think they should work. And in most cases i dont even know how or where to ask the questions.

You’re always welcome to ask questions here.
We haven’t yet prioritized documenting interceptors as they’re a pretty advanced feature.
I replied to your other question, I’ll help you get it sorted out.