How to configure SSO for temporal in helm chart

@santhoshrajs does the WebUI transfer you to the login page automatically or you navigate to it manually?

Have you also tried starting up WebUI locally and verifying the auth config?

Actually I navigated manually by entering the dns/sign-in.

And I have not tested locally.

Seems like the config was not read

Could you double check how you pass your config to the web pod and ensure it’s read

Lmk how it goes

hi @Ruslan i have checked our configs also its valid but I don’t understand why it not taking.

here is our helm structure

This is the helm chart which i used

additionally i have added the server/config.yaml in this helm chart and deployed

i would look into running the Web locally first to make sure the config is passed properly this way and then check using Helm

Have you tried running the Web locally? Here is a command just in case Temporal Web Custom Config with Oauth fails - #4 by Ruslan (or in the readme GitHub - temporalio/web: Temporal Web UI)

As for helm charts specifically, i will ask our cloud team after verifying with you that the Web runs properly locally

hi ,
@Ruslan we tested the sso locally its working actually but we need that to be deployed via helm so can u please help us

@benjamin_brightson kinldy follow up

how do you pass web config using helm? seems like there is helm misconfiguration?

@ruslan here GitHub - temporalio/web: Temporal Web UI we have the config for local setup and i searched but cant find the helm chart supporting files for web config.
Can u please point me to the web config for using helm

@Harshwardhan_Kakra follow up

i’ve asked few folks who know better about helm chart, might have a response here.
Also since this is a helm charts question, i would expect helm documentation to describe how to pass files. This might unblock you

@Ruslan thank you kindly please provide us as soon as possible.

have found out about this as an example: here is how a similar file mounting is done but for temporal server configuration:

As for Web, you can follow the above, create a config file with your SSO values and mount them at the deploy step.
Also if you are willing to contribute, would be great if you send a PR for the Web helm charts

@Ruslan let us try to finish and will definitely contribute.

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Hi @Ruslan actually we tried with way but it’s not working actually. Can you suggest some other way.

could you elaborate on not working, do you mean changing the helm configuration to provide a config to temporal web didn’t work for you? It doesn’t create a config file, or it creates though doesn’t pass to the web?

Also, by another way to configure, do you mean to use helm through not exactly a similar way to how it is done with temporal config How to configure SSO for temporal in helm chart - #23 by Ruslan ?





@ruslan actually we tried with this but still sso is not working can u please tell us any other way rather than Sso to secure temporal web UI using helm