Looking for video demonstrating service(s) failure and auto-recovery

I went to a java users group in Seattle and saw a good demonstration showing auto recovery, and durability in the event of a worker or server failure. Does anyone know of a video showing this? I want to copy the steps in this demo and show our teams. I can’t recall the steps, but it was a very effective demonstration. Is it as simple as launching a workflow and killing the worker/server and proving the workflow resumes? Is there a particular set of retry/timeout logic involved?

Was it one of the videos on Temporal YouTube channel?

You can start workflow execution and shut down worker(s) while its executing, then bring them back up to resume execution. For demo would use default activity retry policy rather than restricting depending on how long you shut down your workers during demo. You can also start workflow execution and shut down service, and see execution resume after it comes back up.