No workflows in web-ui after enabling advanced visibility


I’m not able to see any workflows in the web-ui after enabling advanced visibility. I wanted to know if this is something expected and if I need to somehow export & import my current running/failed/completed/… workflows after enabling advanced visibility?


Most likely cause I’ve seen with this is that you did not set up ES indexes, see for example here.

If indexes are not set up ES will try to create own indexes on first write and will use wrong types that then web ui is not able to understand (same with tctl via tctl wf l)

Would of course also check if your ES is up and running, for example:
curl 'http://localhost:9200/?pretty'
as well as see if anything was written to your index.

Thanks for your reply but I’m pretty sure that I have created the index and template using the instructions here.
Also since I deploy using helm charts, initContainers wouldn’t start if the index has not been created.

Got it, could you share results of (you might have to port-forward your frontend host, as shown in helm repo readme first):

tctl wf list

tctl wf desc -w <wfid>

where wfid is the workflow id of one of the executions that you started but cannot see in visibility.

Although both below commands

tctl wf l
tctl wf la

after enabling advanced visibility return empty results (web-ui is empty as well) but I’m still able to check workflows with
tctl wf desc -w <wfid>

some are still running, some are completed or failed.

tctl wf desc -w <wfid>

pulls from your primary persistence store you configure in server static config

tctl wf l

pulls directly from your visibility store that you configure.
Seems there might be some issue with configuration/permissions defined.
You say that history service is able to move visibility tasks to ES (if you see data in ES) but frontend service is not able to poll it.
Could you check your server logs (frontend and history service) and also ES logs to see if there is anything that stands out?

Does this mean that there are some data in primary persistence which are not pushed into ES after enabling advanced visibility and so web-ui can’t show them?

What I can see in the web-ui & tctl wf l are workflows being created right after enabling advanced visibility and not already existing workflows which are stored in primary persistence.

Hi, we have a similar problem, although we don’t see any workflows in tctl neither web ui, not even new ones. Elastic seems to have the data and tctl describe also seems to work.
We had upgraded from older temporal and added advanced visibility.

BTW is elastic connection via TLS with authentication supported?

Are there any options to sync persistent db with elastic?

So for those who are curious, what I did, in the end, was to select workflow_id from public.executions_visibility where status=1; and then tctl reset-batch them. They showed up in UI and advanced visibility es afterwards

BTW is elastic connection via TLS with authentication supported?

Not yet, see feature request here. It does support AWS request signing tho if that helps, see here.

I am seeing a very similar issue. I can see that workflow describe gives me result for workflow list does not return anything. my history and frontend services are running smoothly without any error

We are seeing similar issues too. Im going to see if anything in this thread works for us.