Pausing/resuming a workflow

Hi, @tihomir
Any updates on this? We are trying to incorporate temporal in our company’s tech stack and it will be a really useful feature to have

hey @samar ,

Stopping all the workers isn’t a feasible option for us.

Here’s our use case,
we basically want to move our temporal db to a different db instance, we want to do it with zero/minimal downtime. For this the plan is to clone our db in the new instance, then wait for logical replication to catch up and then move the temporal endpoint to it. But logical replication isn’t catching up because temporal is constantly running, we need a way to pause it. Considering the number of workers we have, 300+, its quite impossible for us to stop them all and then restart them in a short duration, we want to limit the downtime to at most a few minutes.

What other options are there for me to try?

Shutdown the Temporal service frontend or remove it from the load balancer.