Temporal Web Custom Config with Oauth fails

Temporal web with oauth config is not starting the pod with error in image please help …

Could you provide more details, what version of the web this is?
How do you pass the configuration file to the docker image when starting?

Are you able to start the same image without the oidc auth config?

Docker Image:


*OpenId Connect Oauth

Environment: Kubernetes
OauthConfig: “config.yml” configMap mounted at /usr/app/server/

does your config work for you when you try running locally?

docker run --network host -v ~/Desktop/config.yml:/usr/app/server/config.yml temporalio/web:1.9.2

so far it’s hard to tell what exactly goes wrong based on the error message

thanks I did’nt realize the community helm chart and my custom configmaps had the same names that fixed the issue for me

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