Temporal with springboot

Since you said “yet,” I presume this is still in the plans? Not asking for any timelines but just a binary yes/no

Yes, it is absolutely planned to be addressed.

@maxim Do we have any updates on this? Most of the Java developer community will love have this. I also came across this project:

Is this officially supported?

Is this officially supported?

No we cannot support that library as we don’t control it. If you use it we could only attempt to solve issues that are 100% Temporal related.

Don’t think there is anything concrete that can be shared yet regarding a supported spring boot starter.

You can start using Temporal in Spring Boot applications without a starter. Here is a super small demo if it helps. Here is a bigger demo running on Quarkus, but same can be implemented with SpringBoot as well without many changes.

Definitely one of the best discussions I’ve read. Thanks for sharing, excellent examples tihomir, keep it up.