User details not fetched with multiple pods for UI-server

With the Temporal server(16.2) and UI-Server(v2), I am able to utilize all the features of temporal with single pods, but when I try to increase the number of pods for (ui-server) in Kubernetes, the login fails.

The user details are fetched from authentication server and received and reflected in UI-Server code (\server\auth\oidc.go) but on the UI code( ui\src\routes__layout-root.svelte), the user is empty hence login fails.

Could you please suggest some solution to this.

UI doesn’t currently support sharing user session between multiple instances

i’m keeping an eye on this lib to implement session sharing between the pods GitHub - golang/groupcache: groupcache is a caching and cache-filling library, intended as a replacement for memcached in many cases. , though in most cases i would expect users to not really need to scale the UI with multiple pods and route the traffic with a load balancer so it’s not currently a priority

is there a specific reason for why you want to run multiple pods of the UI?