Workflow status in batch Describe

We have a requirement, to get the status of a set of wokflowIds.
We are using the following code for querying for one work flow ID

   WorkflowServiceStubs service = CreateWorkFlowInstance();
      WorkflowExecution execution = WorkflowExecution.newBuilder().setWorkflowId(workFlowId).build();
      DescribeWorkflowExecutionRequest describeWorkflowExecutionRequest =

      DescribeWorkflowExecutionResponse resp =

      WorkflowExecutionInfo workflowExecutionInfo = resp.getWorkflowExecutionInfo();
      String status = workflowExecutionInfo.getStatus().toString();

Do we have any API(batch), to get the status of a given set of workflowIds as we might use this for polling and want to know the impact of performance

Polling on any of the APIs which don’t support long poll is usually an anti-pattern. What is the use case you are trying to support?

We are creating a batch of workflows and firing asyn. And trying to check display the running status of those workflows

We have an application that generates and submits workflows on Temporal. The application keeps the identity of the workflows. We have a listing page to show the last N workflows along with its last status

We need to write a rest api accepting an array of workflow ids and returning its the  status list

If you run with Elastic Search you could add batchId custom search attribute and list workflows based on that id.

The describeWorkflowExecution is a relatively cheap call. So you can call it periodically without a problem.

Thanks @maxim
This takes only one workflowd, curious to know if any api which takes list of workflowids and return the status of those

There is no any API that takes a list of workflow Ids. You can use the listWorkflowExecutions API to achieve what you want using custom search attributes.