Workflows - unable to understand implementation

how should i interact two or more workflows each other and how should i execute two or more workflows parallelly


I think we had a similar question here from you Unable to understand how to implement this things

Are you starting those workflows from the same or different clients?
What do you mean by interacting? signal/query?

Have you taken a look at the documentation and samples we shared in the post linked above?



Please, see this article regarding when to use child workflows Purpose of Child Workflows?

should i consider HROPS is one workflow and IT is another workflow

Are they implemented by different teams?

how should i run child workflows parallelly


yes HROPS maintained by one team and IT maintained by one team

I don’t have all the details for your use-case but sounds like a good reason to have a parent workflow written by the team HROPS and having the IT team exposing its implementation as a child workflow

See more info here Child Workflow Separate Service - #3 by tihomir

set the workflows in database and can we do it dynamically
is workflows can be stored in database ?