A SQL client issue

I am trying to set up temporal with our vitess cluster (mysql version 8.0). Seems that the SQL client Temporal is using is not compatible with our vitess cluster when have “multiStatements” flag enabled. But I can use a different MySQL go client to connect to vitess with that flag enabled.

I comment out the below line and built a Temporal server docker image, it worked well with our vitess cluster.

I also filed an issue on github: sql client is not compatible with mysql version 8+ · Issue #1364 · temporalio/temporal · GitHub

Thanks for reporting this, I will take a look.

FYI, Temporal only officially support MySQL 5.7

Ya, i know 8.0 is not officially supported, but it worked with a different sql client. so it is less likely a mysql server issue

mysql 8 is not supported yet refer this post
i have tried mysql 5.7.30/31 and it works just fine.