Ability to inspect task queues

I can’t find a way to inspect current state of particular task queue. It would be nice to have a way to get information about the number of scheduled tasks in particular queue, for example for find out bottlenecks, for autoscaling workers (start additional workers when number of scheduled tasks great than some threshold, and stop workers when queue is empty).
I’m just starting to learn the platform, if already exists some abilities to solve such problems, please point me where can I find more about it.

+1 Same request.

+1, Any update on this? We are facing the same issue.

We are also looking input on the same line, For bursty large workload how to decide the number of task queues and distribution of tasks/load to the each queue. And how many worker one should run for a task queue on single instance in a cluster.

We don’t yet support the ability to return the number of tasks in a task queue. The main technical hurdle is that each task can have its own ScheduleToStart timeout, so just counting how many tasks were added and consumed is not enough.

We recommend tracking Schedule to Start latency for determining if the task queue has a backlog. When workers are able to keep up the latency is close to zero.

We do plan to add features that give more visibility into the task queue state.

But what component is responsible for providing this metric?
I would estimate that Matching service has required info, but I only see temporal_activity_schedule_to_start_latency_* metrics from the workers

It is reported by the SDKs.