Activities requiring different options

Hello, Temporal!

I have an activity interface that defines three different (but related) activities, and each requires different options to be specified (e.g., timeouts). From the Java documentation:

Activity options are needed only if some of the required timeouts are not specified through the @ActivityMethod annotation.

This seems to suggest that @ActivityMethod annotations could be used to specify different options for each activity in a common interface. At the moment, it looks like only supports overriding of the activity’s name.

So, is the only option for achieving different timeouts for different activities to instantiate multiple activity stubs within a workflow (each with its own ActivityOptions instance? And in this case, would distinct task queues be required for each stub?


We do have plans to add per activity options support in a single stub instance. At this point, you have to use multiple stubs. All of them can use the same task queue.