"Activity error" log context keys for structured logging

Hi team, I am using the golang SDK and I am seeing some logs being produced by the SDK I have a few questions about. When an activity fails, we see this error produced by the sdk “Activity error”.

In other logs from the SDK, WorkflowType is usually set, is there a reason this is missing? Is this something we can add as a feature request? This would help our teams who manage multiple workflows split between workflow types for metrics / triaging errors.

Is there a way to inject context variables into this via a With(…) call? I’d like to inject some application specific IDs so that we can track which internal entities have such errors and possibly retry / replay the workflow if retries don’t end up fixing it.

    "Level": "error",
    "timestamp": "2023-11-15T17:51:47.569Z",
    "Caller": "internal/internal_task_handlers.go:2101",
    "Event": "Activity error.",
    "Namespace": "default",
    "TaskQueue": "redacted",
    "WorkerID": "redacted",
    "WorkflowID": "c105392d-340d-47ce-9aa2-65d253463722",
    "RunID": "5aa027d2-2194-4d6e-8509-474ce664e215",
    "ActivityType": "redacted",
    "Attempt": 4,
    "Error": "redacted",
    "ErrorVerbose": "redacted",
    "Stacktrace": "redacted"