Activity execution is stuck on (BLOCKED on Feature.get)

Hey, when i run performance test to submit 200 workflows concurrently most of them complete, but
very few workflows(usually one or two) get stuck with the following stacktrace.

Please advice.

Temporal SDK 1.7.1.

workflow-method-5fa03cb0-e013-493a-b168-c4e2f6344a3-2a8227a7-57ef-496d-8b2c-7a236075c463: (BLOCKED on Feature.get)
io.temporal.internal.sync.ActivityInvocationHandler$Lambda$1298/0x0000000100bd2440.apply(Unknown Source)
com.sun.proxy.$Proxy173.createPayment(Unknown Source)

Could you share workflow history for such stuck workflow?
You can get it via tctl, for example:

tctl wf show -w <wfid> -r <runid> --output_filename myhistory.json

We too are facing similar issue with sdk 1.7
@voropava did you manage to solve this?

@ravikiran could you create a new forum post and provide info such as server and sdk version used, your relevant stack traces and workflow exec event histories and whatever else you think would be good to know so we can take a look. Thanks.

@tihomir created post here Workflow timedout due to activity BLOCKED on Feature.get