Activity run in parallel suggestion

Hi ,

Currently I develop temporal workflow with activity flow as below illustration.
I want activity 2 to be executed according to timer I set after activity 1 completed. This activity should be independent with activity 3 and activity 4. It means, it should be able to run activity 2 even tough the process already in activity 3 or 4.
However, my current problem is, if the process already at activity 3 or activity 4, the process within activity 2 is not executed even tough the log says the timer had been fired.

If you guys might have encountered this kind of case/scenario, please help me and share how do you solve this problem.
Thank you.

Here is the snapshot on how I write the code.

I cannot tell from the limited code screenshot exactly what you are doing. But from your diagram, it looks like after activity 1, you should do what you want to do with activity 2 in a new coroutine (workflow.Go) so you can keep 3 and 4 on the main workflow path independent of activity 2.

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