After 1.17.1 upgrade we start seeing a lot of Cassandra timeouts which were not there for the 1.16.0


We have upgraded to 1.17.1 and star seeing a lot of timeouts like below. After we bounce the History it works for few minutes and then goes back to the timeout.

I wonder if we need/can to tune any configuration parameter as 1.17.1 does not seem to be functioning?

{"level":"warn","ts":"2022-07-18T15:16:24.595Z","msg":"Processor unable to retrieve tasks","shard-id":1206,"address":"","component":"transfer-queue-processor","cluster-name":"dev-westeurope-01-secondary","error":"operation GetTransferTasks encountered gocql: no response received from cassandra within timeout period","logging-call-at":"queueProcessor.go:238"}

We also have XDC configured and similar pattern is present on both clusters.

our CPU limit was set to 500m (this is our dev cluster so resources are minimised) which was enough for 1.16 but it seems 1.17 consumes more CPU and this is not enough for the history to sustain the idle workload…

We have increased the CPU to 2 and observing relatively stable behaviour.