Any plan to make it to AWS Marketplace?

I can see the operations of this product is not a piece of cake. If it’s in cloud as Step Functions is , and has cloudformation support, then small companies can adopt this solution easily.

I know you have your own cloud. But small companies want to use a single cloud vendor because of network and permission management considerations .

From what I have seen so far, there are many companies of all sizes that are self-hosting Temporal.
Understand your point of view regarding potential complexities, especially when it comes to fine tuning your deployment depending on your load, but I think in general that’s not unheard of when deploying and tuning powerful distributed systems, could be wrong :slight_smile:

I see.

Another question. If I use Temporal Cloud, what is the latency going to be like between your cloud and AWS (say East America Region or Sydney Australia Region) ? If your cloud also in AWS data centers?