Archival || Retention period || Data Deletion

Hi Maxim/Tihomir

I have some queries regarding archival, retention period and data deletion

With archival I understood that when the retention periods hits it will back up your event histories from temporal cluster persistence to custom blob.

  1. So this custom blob will be placed in a seperate place is it or it will be present inside the cluster.

  2. And when the blob is created the event histories are still present in my persistence store or not.

  3. Retention policy and archival are related to each other is it.

  4. Is there any command to check it the archival enabled or not.

  5. When we say data will be removed/deleted from where we are talking about is it from persistence store (archival not enabled) in that case my complete data will be purged is it, and after this will i not be able to search on UI as well as in backend db.

  6. And when we say data will be removed/deleted keeping the archival is enabled
    so does it will keep the data in both persistence and blob store both. Till the data is there will I be able to view workflows on UI or not.

These are all my questions regarding the archival, retention and deletion

Thanks !!!