Blue green deployment and its impact on Namespace /Task queue

We are using temporal java sdk and using Springboot . We use a single task queue for all the workflows and activities .The app is deployed in k8s . We are planning to use blue green deployment . The idea is to use Estio DestinationRule and VirtualService to route to different host based on a version tag . We have a rest endpint as part of the same application that creates the async workflows in the same registered namespace and task queue using the client apis.

Here is my question .
Imagine the blue environment is deployed . When the green environment comes up for the first time we cant start the workers immediately if they point to the same namespace and task queue .

So we are thinking of either using different namespace or different task queue . With namespace the archival and retention periods need to be configured separately . so we are leaning to use different task queue .
We are planning to rotate between two task queues , we have to ensure that there are no pending/running workflows during the switch over.

Can you suggest if the above will work ?