Can I have a large number of workflows? Implications? Best practices?

Sorry for the basic question.

I have very basic proof of concept which has a worker, workflow and an activity.

My understanding is the worker process is what that glues the workflows and activities together as a deployable unit.

The workflow itself is composed of multiple activities.

I have 1 challenge to face:

I will possibly have 1000’s of workflows in my system (close to 10,000 of them).

These workflows will not be deep (possibly 10-20 activity calls each).

Would all these workflows need be packaged into a single monolith?

Is there a way to spread it? What are the best practices around it?

You can have millions of workflows in your system, depending on how active they are and how you provision the system.

You can put your workflows and activities in different workers, part of separate micro services and use a task queue as you would a micro service endpoint.