Child Workflow Arguments


Currently we are using remporal for a project and using child workflow. I want to know, when we are starting the child workflow, is the number and size of arguments(args …interface{}) passed affect performance of the workflow?

`func ExecuteChildWorkflow(ctx Context, childWorkflow interface{}, args ...interface{}) ChildWorkflowFuture {
	return internal.ExecuteChildWorkflow(ctx, childWorkflow, args...)

Thank you,

Each “Blob” which translates into single workflow / activity /child workflow input, result etc is limited by 2MB blob size. Each individual workflow execution is also limited by 50MB history size.

Even tho you can configure (increase) this default blob size limit note that large payloads negatively affect service performance. Typical recommendation to passing large inputs to activities/child workflows as well as handle large return values is to store them in external storage (like s3 or something) and then pass only the references as inputs/results.