Child workflow fails when not specifying ActivityOptions

I’m refactoring a workflow we have and have moved some functionality to child workflows. In the parent workflow I created a context with both ActivityOptions and ChildOptions as follows:

workflowCtx := workflow.WithActivityOptions(ctx, defaultActivityOptions)
workflowCtx = workflow.WithChildOptions(workflowCtx, defaultWorkflowOptions)

I then pass this workflowCtx to my activities and child workflows but when those child workflows run they fail when trying to run their first activity with the error

"BadScheduleActivityAttributes: A valid StartToClose or ScheduleToCloseTimeout is not set on command."

It seems the ActivityOptions from the passed context are lost. Is this by design or am I doing something wrong?

Version information
GoSDK: 1.23.1
Server: 1.21.3

This is by design. The activity options are not propagated to the child workflows as child workflows can be implemented completely independently and even in a different programming language that doesn’t support contexts.