Child Workflows in pending state


My child Workflows are stuck in pending state when I’m using Async.procedure to call them.

I’m calling my child workflow like this.

Async.procedure(childWorkflow::childWorkfloMethod, “Hello World”);

Can you please explain
what does parentClosePolicy abandon mean?

Does the parent workflow start the child asynchronously and then complete it in your case? Or does it wait for the child to complete first?

It doesn’t wait for the child to complete.

When the parent completes, all its children behave according to the ParentClosePolicy. The default policy is TERMINATE. So, all children with this policy are immediately terminated when the parent completes. The ABANDON policy tells that children can continue executing after the parent completion.

The linked post explains the additional complication. The parent must wait for a child to start before completing. Otherwise, the child might never start even if it specified the ABANDON policy.

Thanks for the explanation.