Cloud deployment on multi tenant model

We want to deploy the workflow on cloud and wanted to support multi tenants. I have gone thru some discussion. And the following is what i could think based on that including my use case and some questions.

1 we may have max 10 tenants.
2. We want to maintain separate security token based on tenant.
3. We will be using namespace to differentiate each tenant, Are these can be treated equal?
4. Is there any API available for dashboard based on tenant(namespace)
5. Any references fro cloud deployment to workflows

Can somebody validate the approach.

Yes, this is generally doable. You can set up something like Grafana and have dashboards with certain metrics differentiated by namespace.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “cloud deployment to workflows”. If you mean deployment of workers, that can be done in any standard way you deploy your cloud compute resources, e.g. with Kubernetes.