Combination of Normal and DSL workflow


As part of my use case, I am trying to explore if we can invoke a DSL workflow for a normal workflow execution(code based temporal workflow) i.e combining code based workflow with DSL workflow. Require suggestions for the same.

All DSLs (flowcart/form/markup-based) require translation into executable code. So in end, if your workflow is driven by instructions defined in dsl, or not, it’s still a Temporal workflow thats written in programming language and you can interact with it using the normal Temporal apis.

One of the strengths of Temporal is that it can mix DSL/code in any combination. This is very common to have a bunch of steps hardcoded in the workflow code and only some part of the workflow configurable through DSL.

Thanks @tihomir and @maxim for the clarification. This really helps!

Has anyone written code that can read the events and callback state of Serverless Workflow DSL and execute on the temporal engine.

Hi Atul, small world :slight_smile:
Working on signal registration in the integration repo, so stay tuned.