Consuming events without boilerplate - roadmap 2024?

I recently started using self-hosted temporal on a small scale and so far the impression is overwhelmingly positive! I’ve explored workflows, activities and now looking into schedules. Whilst trying to see which use-cases within my product can be moved and implemented better with temporal I realized that there are some event-based use-cases where instead of manually triggering a workflow from the code it might be better to have workflows listening to events on an event bus.

Writing code for consuming and publishing events would probably bring some boilerplate, so I’m wondering if there are any plans on having some simple wrappers available in Temporal itself to enable such use-case?

Something similar to how Schedules look like a nice wrapper/utility for triggering more workflows.

Yes, it is possible to create such wrappers. They still require some code or wouldn’t be generic, as WorkflowID should be generated from a message payload/header. Given that implementing a queue listener that starts a workflow requires a few lines of code, I’m not sure about the value of such a feature.

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