Context deadline exceeded

I’ve a workflow with multiple activities with one that talks to a grcp API. When a client starts executing the workflow by creating a rpc call to Microservice A (this then triggers the workflow) after ~5s the client receives a Context deadline exceeded which I’ve narrowed down to that single activity.

in the activity the call to the grpc API specifies this;

ctx, cancel := util.NewCtx(ctx, 240*time.Second)
defer cancel()

The workflow completes successfully but the client gets the error. I’ve also added a similar timeout in the client but the issue still remains.

Does workflow.Context set timeouts?

I might not completely understand your setup, but if workflow completes successfully then I don’t think any activity it executes might affect the client that started the workflow.

Would you check the deadline of the context used to start the workflow? It looks like it is set to 5 seconds.