Cross data center replication setup

Hi ,
Can anyone share how to setup a cross data center replication in cadence ?

I am looking for configuration required to get this working ? i am currently using banzaicloud helm chart for deployment which create setup in one region.

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So we do not have any docs about cross datacenter replication right now. While we do plan on eventually producing these it will take some time.

Ok i had similar questions, and i am trying to consolidate bits and pieces of info lying else where to get this thread moving ( and possibly this can serve as unofficial document)

Disclaimer : i have not attempted to set this up yet/ or tried these out :smiley: :smiley:

At high level cross dc/xdc architecture look something like this post

So In my opinion one need to

a) setup two independent temporal clusters using existing helms

b)Enable global namespace in cluster metadata section
c) configure kafa for replication across the two clusters

Refer global domain registration and kafka replication for step B and C

d) of course needless to say all this got to be on TLS, some info on TLS setup is available in docs

e) the below tctl commands can come handy to viewing changing membership details

on a side note : Please be aware kafka will bring zookeeper dependency too.

@maxim, @ryland, @samar do you have additional pointers here?

Thank you so much the information @madhu @maxim @ryland

I will keep it noted for temporal deployment. Any pointers on setting up the same using cadence ?

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