Cross-namespace Activity Calls


We have been using Cadence and now Temporal for a while, and are looking to expand our usage of it. Up to now we have mostly kept our workflows pretty segmented, with each service’s workflows in separate namespaces. When we need to call another service, we create a new activity and call the service in that activity.

As we look to expand our use of Temporal, we had the thought of exposing our service APIs as Temporal Activity interfaces so that workflows wouldn’t have to write new activities to call our services, they could just reach out call them directly. This brings up the question of namespaces, however.

In my limited testing, it seems like one cannot call an activity in namespace A from a workflow in namespace B - is that correct? In ActivityOptions there does not seem to be a setter for the namespace.

Are there any concerns with just putting all our workflows across the organization into one namespace?