Custom Search Attribute not working with java sdk

Hi All,
I am exploring custom search attribute of temporal for one of our use cases where we want to search all the related workflows using custom search attributes.

While running the workflow with custom search attributes I am getting error
“: io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: INVALID_ARGUMENT: Namespace default has no mapping defined for search attribute productLinkageId”

here productLinkageId is one of the search attribute.

I am using docker-compose-postgres.yml to install temporal on mac.

Hello @vikas_kumar

Have you registered the new search attribute in the default namespace?

temporal operator search-attribute create --namespace default --name my-sa --type Text

You can get the sa in the namespace with temporal operator search-attribute list --namespace default


Thank you, @antonio.perez, for your prompt response.

The solution you provided resolved the issue for me. I appreciate your assistance.