Custom serialization in Go


I am trying to pass a struct of strings in my client.ExecuteWorkflow call in the workflow starter. However, it does not seem to serialize/deserialize properly as the fields of the struct are empty when the workflow starts and reads that struct input parameter.

From looking at the code, this seems related to specifying a dataConverter, but I am not able to crack this so far.

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The Go JSON serializer skips private fields. Try changing their visibility to public.

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My fields are public. Is there anything else I could try? The struct only contains strings, as follows

type Params struct {
Param1 string


What is the value of input field of the WorkflowExecutionStartedEvent?

And what is the signature of the workflow function?

I was not reading my own logs properly. The JSON serializer is working fine. Thank you Maxim for the help.

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