Does an interface change on an activity impact the workflow determinism?

A few of our activities are using typescript types that are influenced by external systems.
If the external system decides to add or remove a property on the interface type, we’ll remove it from that type and change the mapping in the workflow. Does this invalidate the history of workflows in terms of determinism?

Would help to see a small example of the change and your workflow definition.

You could also test via workflow replay, see TypeScript SDK developer's guide - Testing | Temporal Documentation

Hi Tihomir, here is a small example that’s part real and part made up to make the point.
In following example, setOrderId and handleStats are activities.
Let’s assume that field2 and field3 in the response of createOrder are going to be adjusted. The type is shifting from String to a enum type. With that change, we also adjust handleStats to handle the enum for a and b.
There is no conditional that uses these values so the flow itself isn’t impacted but something we’re passing from one to another activity is changing in type. Would that impact flow determinism?

export async function evInstallWorkflow({
}: InstallationWorkflowInput): Promise<unknown> {
  await setupHandlers();

  const { orderId, field2, field3 } = await createOrder({ accountId, applicationId, premiseId, personId });
  await setOrderId({ applicationId, orderId });
  await handleStats({a: field2, b: field3});

Thank you!