DSL Workflow with singals

I have an use case, Email approval workflow with DSL. I have tried lot other examples but not able to identify a way to do. I need few examples… Or peace of code which can suffize my requirement. Can you please help me out

Hi @Kameswara_Rao_Basina

you can register your signal handler with Workflow.registerListener there is an example here https://github.com/temporalio/samples-java/blob/d6eed631df64160e0a20b54e1fd7664cb20f29c0/core/src/main/java/io/temporal/samples/dsl/DynamicDslWorkflow.java#L79

Let me know if it helps,

Hi @antonio.perez ,
Thanks for replying. I have seen and run this example. But i’m unable change as per my use case. Below is my usecase.
I need to hold my workflow steps until some manual single came to proceed. Signals may come via external api or email approval. I didn’t see such kind of examples anywhere. I have tired to hold my actvites but didn’t see anything in DSL specification.
I will be greate if i can get more sample or code snippet.
Note: I want to do all these using DSL.