Dynamic Workflow logic features in the Java SDK

Hi all,

I have noticed that there are some amazing dynamic workflow logic features available in the Go SDK that are missing in the Java SDK, such as:

  • Branching Activities
  • Exclusive Choice
  • Multi-Choice
  • Parallel Workflow
  • Pick First

We are currently running a custom DSL Workflow written in the Java SDK and this would boost our progress considerably. Do you have any plans on bringing these to the Java SDK?

Java SDK supports all the constructs you posted. Workflows are just normal code in Java (or any other supported language). So all the normal language flow control statements like “if, switch, for” are supported.

There are no specific Java samples that correspond to the Go ones.

What is an exact problem that you have trouble modeling in Java SDK?

Thanks for the answer!

I just had a better look at the Go samples. Indeed, we can model the same in Java. Initially I thought there are some special methods available in the Go SDK, but it makes sense to just code these use-cases.

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