Error: "Search attributes size exceeds limits. Fail workflow." on Self hosted Temporalite server

We are self hosting a temporalite server and getting the error:

“Search attributes size exceeds limits. Fail workflow.” and having a hard time debugging.

We are having some trouble debugging this error because we don’t have enough context, it looks like

searchAttributesValidator.ValidateSize has can return two possibel errors that give a little bit more context:

search attribute %s value size %d exceeds size limit %d
total size of search attributes %d exceeds size limit %d

but these errors are not fully bubbled up in the logs. It would be really helpful for us if we could get this context logged.

I’m hoping this context could be added to the error logs, or if we could get any insight into why we might be getting these errors. We are using Default search attributes only.

Which SDK version? Are you doing a lot of GetVersion calls (perhaps in a loop)? If so, we made a fix which applies to workflows that made their first GetVersion call on SDK version >= v1.22.0. If this is not it, if you can provide a standalone test case, we can help debug.

We aren’t calling GetVersion at all though this does happen in a looped call to a workflow with ContinueAsNewError

We have only seen this in prod so far, I don’t have any tests that replicate this behavior. It does look like we are using an older version of the SDK though (1.13.1). Let me try to update that and see what happens from there.

Thanks for the response!