Error: SQL logic error: no such table: task_queues

I am trying out Temporal with Python. The setup is a basic one - the temporal server is up, and a temporal worker is running using Python. Once in a while, I see the temporal server throwing error logs like -

gRPC call poll_workflow task_queue retried … times 
error=Status { code: Unavailable, message: "*taskRetryablePersistenceClient).GetTaskQueueUser│
...queue operation failed. Failed to check if task queue /_sys/calibration_workflow_qu Data.func1\n\t/home/runner/go/pkg/mod/│
...Queue/1 of type Workflow existed. 
Error: SQL logic error: no such table: task_queues ce/persistence_retryable_clients.go:786\│ (1)", metadata: MetadataMap { headers: {"content-type": "application/grpc"} }, 
so leRetryContext\n\t/home/runner/go/pkg/mod/

According to my limited understanding, this means that the task_queue that the worker is looking for is not found. My worker code is a simple one -

async def main():
    temporal_client = await Client.connect(target_host="localhost:7233")
    worker = Worker(client=temporal_client,

if __name__ == '__main__':

But the worker is running. So, if the worker is running, shouldn’t the queue also exist!? Is there a timeout in play here?

@tihomir Can you please help with this?