Execute tctl command via Java SDK

I am trying to dynamically define search attributes via the Java SDK. After researching this, it seems like this is only possible via the CLI. That being the case, is there a way for tctl commands to be executed from the Java SDK?

You don’t have to use tctl and can use Operator Service, for example:

OperatorServiceStubs operatorService = OperatorServiceStubs.newServiceStubs(
// ...
                .putAllSearchAttributes(Collections.singletonMap("MySuperCustom", IndexedValueType.INDEXED_VALUE_TYPE_TEXT))

Where “service” is your normal WorkflowService.

You can add multiple at a time. Just note it might take (believe up to 10s) for them to be registered with the cluster, can check with

tctl cl gsa

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Sorry for the delay. This worked perfectly. Thank you!