Facing issues with temporal schedule


We were trying out temporal schedules, but we noticed that all our schedules stopped running intermittently. We are seeing the workflows created for temporal-sys-per-ns-tq queue are failed due to this error :

“Potential deadlock detected: workflow goroutine “root” didn’t yield for over a second”

Attaching a screenshot for same, can someone please help me here . Thanks in advance !

Attaching 1 more screenshot for failure log and call stack

@maxim , thanks for the link , but here the issue we faced was with the internal workflow used by temporal for scheduler, how should we go about debugging that ?

Can you check if your worker is running too hot on CPU? If CPU start to throttle your worker role, you would see this error.

No that doesn’t seem to be the case , our temporal worker cpu was between 10 to 30 % only