Feature request query activity input but not pull consume from queue

Worker resouce may be related with task input, for not always assume using maximum resource (in k8s).
Given the ability query activity input from queue then apply resource estimate algorithm for worker may help a lot.

Thanks for the input.

Wanted to ask why do you need to read the activity input from task queues?
If I understand question correctly, you could in test run those estimate algorithms with your test data inputs and default/custom data converter.

Another way could be to use the sessions api and have two activities assured to be running on same worker. One activity would be responsible for running the estimations and the other one would be your run activity.

Thanks for your reply.

We are using workflow process mess data, the data size depends on the input given location which means that the need resources always be dynamic.

I will try your second suggestion (run the estimations but submit k8s job task with estimated resources).