Find "schedule time" of a workflow that's created by a schedule

When a workflow is created by a schedule, the workflow name has a suffix in the format of YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ. Is there a way to programmatically extract that suffix as a string or time object? Do I just read it from workflow ID or is there an API (in Go/Python SDK) for getting that “schedule time”?

Per What is a Temporal Workflow? | Temporal Documentation, the TemporalScheduledStartTime search attribute exists that has the start time. So you can access that search attribute from inside the workflow.

Why I’m unable to add TemporalScheduledById or TemporalScheduledStartTime as a custom search attribute column in the “Workflows” page of the web UI?

We will add these two columns to the column list.

Thanks for the suggestion!

In the latest version of the Temporal web UI, I can add a “Scheduled By ID” column to the “Workflows” page! This is very nice. Thank you!

However, the “filter” icon doesn’t show up for the “Scheduled By ID” column. In order to filter by the TemporalScheduledById attribute, I still have to to the “Schedules” page, click a schedule, and then click “View All Runs”. It would be nice if we can do this by one click on the “Workflows” page.