Future plan for schema updates

Right now we’re deleting and recreating the Cassandra tables every time there’s a schema update. After 1.0 release, I’m wondering how the schema updates will be handled.

Will we need to apply alter table statements before pulling in the new version? Would some “schema updater” program be provided as part of temporal, or should we handle the mechanics of applying the alter table statements ourselves?

Yes we will support schema upgrades for future version after our V1 release. Temporal uses temporal-cassandra-tool for installing schema, it is aware of the current version and has the ability to apply diffs to upgrade to latest version.

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Will Temporal support such upgrades without downtime, meaning with backwards compatible schema changes?


  • v1.0 is running
  • v1.1 db schema upgrade is executed
  • v1.0 is still happily running
  • v1.1 processes upgraded (e.g. Kubernetes deployment)

Yes. After our V1 release we will support upgrading the cluster without any downtime. All schema changes will be made in backwards compatible manner. Meaning you can apply vNext schema with v1 server without any issues.