gRPC health checks for the worker node and custom API creation


We are doing testing for Temporal (in Openshift Pod) deactivation / termination and activation back to serve requests.
Is there gRPC health checks for the worker node?
I found this posting: Temporal Server Health Check.
Has the gRPC handler for worker node been released?
And is there a way to add custom API which can be called?

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You can list connected workers to the service via DescribeTaskQueue
or tctl, for example:

tctl --ns myNameSpace taskqueue desc -tq myTaskQueueName

is this what you are asking for?

Unfortunately there is no health check for worker role implemented just because worker role doesn’t have gRPC handler at all. No custom API for it can be added.
We have task in backlog for it and will try to prioritize it next sprint.

@alex would be nice to update the docs: documentation/ at 496c376852d2d174a0759ce4ae02e86b21d1078e · temporalio/documentation · GitHub

Got a little confused why the worker health check was failing before I realizing that it was not listening on the provided grpc port.

@max thanks for the info, opened docs issue here.