Hide a Workflow activity

Hi @maxim,

I have one query like for example

I am doing some calculation with the help of an activity say activity1 and using that result in activity2 so I wanted that on UI only activity2 should be visible not activity1. Is this possible to do.

Hello @Manish_Baraskar

I don’t think that is possible,

Can I ask why do you want to hide it?

Hi @antonio.perez ,

Actually I want it because that will be extra thing that will be visible on temporal UI, so I want keep those steps on temporal UI that are important to Workflow. Like if from a response I am reading certain fields and there will be multiple null checks that may increase the size of workflowimpl class I want to keep it clean and with help of a seperate activity i will retrieve required data but not wanted to display that via activity log.

If some property on @Activity annotation that would be better which I want to display and which not.

Please file an a feature request in the Temporal UI repository: proposals/nexus at master · temporalio/proposals · GitHub