How are Multiple ChangeIds processed in a workflow

My workflow(long running) already has a changeId and with max supported version 2

          val version = Workflow.getVersion("addedEvent", Workflow.DEFAULT_VERSION, 2)
                if (version != Workflow.DEFAULT_VERSION) {

I need to add a change at a different place in the workflow… I plan on retaining the above getVersion code and introducing a new changeId with a new getVersion

          val versionForCheck = Workflow.getVersion("For check status", Workflow.DEFAULT_VERSION, 1)
                if (versionForCheck == Workflow.DEFAULT_VERSION) {
         "using default version for workflowid:$workflowId")
                }else {
 "using  $versionForCheck for workflowid:$workflowId")

I hope this works, as I understand temporal versions each changeId independently.

@tihomir ??

Yes, using different change id is fine when you add your additional changes.