How can integrate SSO with temporalio/ui-server?

Hi, I am trying integrate SSO in the (GitHub - temporalio/ui-server: Golang Server for in my local by changing the config/development.yaml as

  enabled: true
    - label: Okta oidc # for internal use; in future may expose as button text
      type: oidc # for futureproofing; only oidc is supported today
      issuerUrl: # needed if the Issuer Url and the Provider Url are different
      clientId: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      clientSecret: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        - openid  
        - profile
        - email
      callbackUrl: http://localhost:8080/
      options: # added as URL query params when redirecting to auth provider
        audience: ""
        organization: ""

But I don’t see nothing gets reflected, just runs normal without the authentication(login ) . Please help me with it.!

Note : Running this application using the docker file which is present in the repo.