How do you start a worker when you are not working on a local environment

Hi I’m wondering how to start a worker when the temporal server is over the internet.

I was able to ‘upload’ a workflow to the remote temporal server but I’m lost on how do I start a worker for it?

I followed the example for starting a worker like this

async function run() {
  const worker = await Worker.create({
    workflowsPath: require.resolve("./eventWorkflow.ts"),

run().catch((err) => {

But I get A TransportError when I make the script run.

I’m trying to find where do I have to configure the worker to start on the remote instance of temporal?
Is it the correct way to start a worker or I missed something and if I did can someone point me to the correct page of the docs?

Using the Typescript sdk.

Thanks for the time

I believe you need to use the Core.install api
before you create your worker and set the serverOptions address, as shown in the full worker example here.

Thanks you very much, I don’t know how I missed this.