How do you use "existingSecret" in the Helm chart?

I deployed Cassandra via the k8ssandra operator to a Kubernetes cluster. That produces a secret that I can fetch like this:

kubectl get secret -n k8ssandra k8ssandra-superuser --template='{{.data.password | base64decode}}'

Can I somehow use “existingSecret” to refer to this? If so does the secret need to exist in the target namespace (‘temporal’) with some expected format?

We are trying to deploy via ArgoCD so we can’t store the secret in the chart values YAML. (I suppose one option we have is use Kustomize+Helm, which allows us to patch in the secret.)


Hi @Liam_Murray, I believe you should be able to use existingSecret : helm-charts/server-configmap.yaml at master · temporalio/helm-charts · GitHub

have you tried to see if that would work for you?

Thank you, I was able to add my cassandra secret up front and then use existingSecret to pick it up