How make client start call to long runing task workflow without waiting for completion?

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we are planning to develop application that will use

  • FastAPI route that will use temporal client for starting workflow.
    – IN workflow we have activity that will call to github action for run workflow pipeline that will return status and id without waiting for completion. so later by calling to github action by using workflow id we can get status .

so how we can do this time to time calling inside activity but the problem is how to start workflow without waitin for completion because it take long time so i need some identifer of workflow so we can check the status of workflow later or maybe not so on workflow side it will call time to time to github action and upon getting completion mesage the whole execution completed .

  • i am trying to avoid long wait in fastapi when request is made for start workflow and we dont have to wait for completion how to get this.

  • In simple FastAPI we can use background task but here what to do when making call to workflow start so start happen but we dont need to wait.?

thank as i am begginer to this your help would realy help me

thank you

Use start_workflow, which doesn’t wait for the workflow to be completed.

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Thank you @maxim for your kind help.

i will also share api refrence link so other user can check if they want for start_workflow