How to block some out-of-the-box metrics

I know Temporal provides a lot of metrics out-of-the-box but the cardinality seems too high. My backend has a hard time handling high cardinality metrics. Is there any way I can block some of them? I’m particularly looking to block metrics like this one “namespace.mynamespace.operation.TaskQueueMgr.taskqueue.__sys_10_blabla_7d7df6cb78_zmhzs_004a1ce7_c3b3_49d4_blabla_c3da1217a869_49”

Update: we use statsd and I know from here, looks like we can only allow metrics that match particular prefixes to emit, but can not block metrics.

@Wenquan_Xing @samar anyway to block certain metrics based on prefix besides modify the code?

We don’t have any mechanism in Temporal itself. But many metric backend support filtering of metrics based on rules.